Relationship: Im/migrant

As my parents immigrated to the United States from predominantly third world Muslim country, they brought along this Koran that has been handed down to my mother. This Koran is extremely old and has been passed down for many generations now to the point where the pages and binding are falling apart. They brought it with them because it was their sense of security and hope. They knew how ancient this Kuran was and felt that it was valuable making them feel spiritually and religiously connected as they arrived onto foreign land. Prior to coming to the United States, my parents were somewhat religious even though their parents were very religious in that they would celebrate all the Islamic holidays and fast the entire month of Ramadan. They believed that they would be in America temporarily and return back to their homeland, however they have now been here for 25 years and still keep this Kuran in the living room today. Adjusting and assimilating to the American cuture was very difficult because it was so different from their culture and as a result they had to overcome many obstacles as other immigrants have had similar experiences. Starting from zero in a new country is a huge change, but the Kuran helped my parents keep their peace and gave them faith during the adjustment period to their new lifestyle in America. 


– VH

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant