Knights of Columbus Pin

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Although I never met my charitable grandfather, I have a vintage lapel pin that he once owned. The bronze pin has the Knights of Columbus symbol on it. I believe it was made in Connecticut because that is where the organization was based when he joined. My grandfather’s family immigrated from Italy; he planned on becoming a priest, but after studying for a while he decided priesthood was not for him.  Alternatively, he decided to join the Knights of Columbus to be close to his religion, but not fully dedicating his life to his religion. The Knights of Columbus is an organization for Catholic people’s mutual benefit. While he was in the organization, he helped many people to find jobs on Long Island. My grandfather marched in parades for the organization while wearing the pins.My grandmother’s German family moved to Farmingdale when she was young. Her parents and brothers needed to find jobs in the area. My grandmother’s brother, Ken, joined the Knights of Columbus because his family needed help finding jobs and he also wanted to help others. While Ken was a member, he met Gaspere and then introduced him to Kathryn, Ken’s sister. Kathryn and Gaspere eventually got married and they are my grandparents. The pin represents how my grandfather contributed a lot to other immigrant families, but also how my grandparents met through the fact that they were from immigrant families.

Place(s): Long Island, NY ;Italy; Germany

– MJ

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant