Kitchen Table

Brown Marble Table
Brown Marble Table
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My object is a table, lots of food has been served and eaten on it. Also, there has been serious conversation and not so serious conversations. Additionally, there have been birthday cakes placed on this table. The table is a brown marble square table with 5 comfy chairs. We always sit there when aunts come over like at 11:00 PM. When I and my cousins are bored we play board/card games like Uno, Lottery, Monopoly and Rotten Apples. I remembered when we had a 1-hour uno card match and we started getting bored and we all gave up. Also in the new year, I and my sister ate a whole jalapeno and our mouths were burning but we drank milk after we were ok we almost cried. Additionally, I have done tons of homework, 7th grade to 9th-grade homework. It took us like 3 hours to fully assemble the table it was so heavy and kinda easy to build but we tightened a bolt too much and a piece of wood cracked but it was ok and it didn't break. When we moved to our house we disassembled the table and it almost flew off on the freeway it was ok when we got to the house.

Place(s): Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center

– Ezequiel

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