In Attire

The Japanese culture is different from many other cultures. At Christmas, the Japanese people go to temples and shrines to worship. The Japanese people are primarily Shinto and Buddhist. The temples are shaped like pagodas. People go to the temples to worship their ancestors by burning candles, incense and they bring food as offerings. One popular festival Yuki Matsuri (snow festival) there are many games, food vendor and lanterns. In the evening people go to the shrine and bring their offerings. Men and women are dressed in their traditional kimonos during festivals and to worship. My family and I learned how to speak Japanese when we were living in Japan. Even now, sometimes we talk to each other in Japanese. We wear Kimonos every now and then and we like to eat Japanese food. My mother and I also know how to cook some Japanese food and instead of going out to a Japanese restaurant, we cook it ourselves.

Year: 2014

– Haley

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