Kentucky Bourbon

Relationship: Im/migrant

Kentucky Bourbon Bottle
My family object is a bottle of bourbon, from my hometown, Kentucky. It was made for my great-great-grandpa, in the early 1900s. His name was Howard Perry. Back then, you could have your name put on a bottle of alcohol. Now, my family doesn’t drink out of it, we really just use it for decoration. It’s made out of glass, just like modern bottles. I think this object is important to me and my family because it shows/represents Kentucky, because bourbon is known to be good in Kentucky. Also, my great-great-grandpa was the first to have a Hi-Fi radio station in New York City. (A Hi-Fi radio station is basically a good quality radio station, based on quality of sound, like a modern radio station). My family migrated from the south to the north. I am proud of my family and their culture.

Place(s): Kentucky, USA

– K

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant