Junko and Karl

Her father suddenly began to cry when he saw her daughter’s small body next to the tall man who held her hand tightly. “I will trust you.” He quietly said to the man as he nodded deeply to promise to take care of his wife. When Junko arrived in the U.S. with her husband Karl, she was able to find a job at the university Karl was attending. At the school library, she organized and labeled books in the Japanese section along with her other Japanese colleagues. The educated students and the people that surrounded her were all beyond racism and any discrimination against her, and so she was able to fit in and feel comfortable in the small community. When she moved to a small town in Wisconsin, Junko faced adversity in getting along with her neighbors due to her english level. Although she wanted to be friends with people that lived around her house, the linguistic barrier prevent her from having such relationships. When her inability of fulfilling her desire became a stress, Karl helped her to overcome this obstacle. While teaching Junko on how to speak English, Karl also translated the conversation into Japanese so Junko could understand what her neighbors were saying to her. Because she was the only Japanese in the town, her name soon began to spread and more people came to see her. “I loved my husband so much,” says Junko, “when I saw my father’s tear at the airport, I knew that this man will stay by my side whenever I need him. Without him I wouldn't've come this far."

Year: 1960

– J.H

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