Jewelry from grandma

In Attire

In my family there is a tradition when a girl turns 12, when she have her bat-mitzvah my grandma gives her one of the family jewelry. When I had my bat-mitzvah my grandma gave me a ring that was belong to her mother.  Last year she gave me the complete set of the ring and necklace that her mother gave her.  My great-grandmother got it in Romania before they moved to Israel.  I Wear both of the jewelry pieces all day every day because when It is on me i feel like she is with me and not across of the ocean.  Both of the necklace and ring are made from gold, diamonds, and sapphire stones.  It's important to me that Grandma gave it to me and she trusted it with me, it's connected to my identity because once my grandma gives you a family jewelry it means that she think you are responsible and for me it is very important that she will think that of me.

Place(s): Israel, Romania, America
Year: 2015

– O.A.

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child