Jesus on the Cross

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
It symbolizes there will always be hope.
It symbolizes there will always be hope.

 The reason I chose this picture of Jesus on the cross is because it's what helped my family get through with the obstacles they encountered when moving to California and always believing in him. My family started off in Mexico with a nice lifestyle but wanted to get a better one for their future which is why they moved to California. My family always has gone to Churches always believing in God hoped that their prayers reached him, and he would help them. The main reason for moving was because education was a bit more difficult while in California was more possible and gave a greater chance in having their kids get education as well. However, getting to California was difficult because they didn’t have their papers, but after a while they got into California. Their main struggle while inside California was getting a job so they can sustain themselves because they had to adapt to the way California worked at the time and what types of jobs they could or   couldn’t do. Thankfully they we’re able to get a job and started to build the family that they would hope for and be able to pay the necessary education for them, so they could be successful in life. Finally, after being able to start the family they would educate them in going to church and having them respect their faith and God that had given them the chance to even be in California at that point.

Place(s): Mexico and California
Year: 1988

– Jose Galindo

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant