My Quincenera Ring that once was my Moms
My Quincenera Ring that once was my Moms
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 Many people may see the ring on my finger as just a regular ring, but to me, my ring holds a greater meaning to it. It was the morning of my quinceanera—so many thoughts running through my head. I was so excited and I felt so much joy that this day I had been waiting for and dreaming of since I was young was finally here. My mom knocked on my bedroom door. I stood up and walked over to my mom. She looked down and opened this tiny clear box in her hands and said, “This used to be my quinceanera ring when I was 15, I still remember the fun and sweet memories I made when I was 15, and now I want to hand it to my little girl.”It sparkled like fresh winter snow on a Minneapolis afternoon in December,
The ring was gold yet it felt so much more precious than gold since it once belonged to my mom.I began to reflect and imagine how my mother felt when she received her ring when she was 15. The ring holds memories of my mother that now will hold memories that I will create. It embodies and symbolizes how I am going from a little girl to a woman, How I will no longer play with toys but will now play with makeup. It felt like yesterday when me and my cousins were dreaming about being 15 and what colors our dresses would be for our quinceaneras. Now I am here in the moment having the feeling that I have been waiting for, for as long as I can remember. I have been waiting for this day for so long but a part of me was sad that day. Because after today I am now a woman and leaving the little girl that once lived. 


– Jessica Eumana Barban

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