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My object is my prayer mat. In Bengali it is called Janamaz (Han-a-mas). This is from Bangladesh. I am a Muslim, and muslims pray five times a day with a Janamaz. or they could pray at a masjid. It is made out of wool. It also has intricate designs and fringes on the side. We wash before prayers by doing 8 steps: 1. Wash right wrist first then the left wrist (3x) 2. rinse the mouth (3x) 3. Clean the inside of your nose (3x) 4. Wash the face (3x) 5. Wash your hair (1x) 6.Wash first right then left ankle (3x) 7. Wash both feet (3x). This has to be done with great in order to show your serious attitude towards prayer and respect. You use just plain water and if you make a mistake with one of the steps you must start all over again. Muslims say chapters from the Qu'ran (Koh - RAHN) to say in prayer. We face our position to Kaaba. I chose the Janamaz as my object because Muslims pray five times a day to Allah. I pray to Allah with this. The prayer mat teaches about why we are in this world, and we Muslims pray to nobody except God. I got this Janamaz when I was eight. My mom gave this Janamaz to me because she wanted me to pray to Allah. My mom taught me how to pray and why do we pray and where to pray and why we are in this world.I know that prayer is important and don’t miss prayer. I wish I could be as religious as my mom when I grow up. I have been taught that prayer brings you closer to God, and that I know is true.

Year: 2000

– Sifat

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant