In Attire

The Jambiya is a Yemeni type of knife but is only used for dancing and is worn to show an act of bravery and manhood from the age of 14. This is really important to my family because my dad wore it in an old photo back in Yemen where he and my grandfather stood in front of my dad’s childhood house before he came to America to live his life and left his family which was very hard for him since he was the oldest out of 10. My dad was born and raised his childhood and teenage years in Yemen then came to America when he was around 20 years old. Yemen is a country under Saudi Arabia on the left-hand side next to Oman in the Arabian Peninsula. This object is from the time of desert life. It connects to migration because my dad got it from his ancestors in Yemen. This object brings back so many memories because I remember when my dad had the one where it couldn't open and so my sisters and I would play dancing with it all the time and told each other ghost stories on how it wouldn't open because there was a ghost inside holding it in. Also, my big brother would always think he was the boss when he was wearing it.

Year: 2016

– Dua Alqushi

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