Jade Jewelry

Jade necklaces
Jade necklaces

These pieces of jade jewelry were given to me, and to my sister, from my parents. They had bought it and given them to us on my first trip back to China. The jade is just used as pieces of jewelry, but they a bigger meaning to me then that. Since I am adopted, my parents couldn’t teach me about my birth-relatives, or what my heritage was. I might never know who may have been related to me, but I can still learn more about my culture, Chinese culture. These jade pieces connect me back to my birth country, China. Since jade is commonly worn in and associated with China, the jewelry makes me feel more connected to the people and culture there. My sister, Jackie, also received some jade from our parents and she is adopted from China as well. She had told me, “It reminds me of where I am from,” and, “...It is from where I was born, and it’s very important to me because it represents a part of my heritage (that I don’t always think about).” Both of us think about our jade in similar ways, and we both think that the jewelry is important, because it’s more than just jewelry. Our jade connects us to our heritage in the country where we were born, and it’s a reminder of where we came from.

Place(s): China

– Olivia

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child