Irish China Cabinet

“Be careful near that china cabinet! You know it’s fragile!” screamed my mom. The china cabinet my mom was talking about was owned by my great great grandmother, so my mom’s great grandmother. It has been in my family for generations and is passed on to each daughter as the years progress. Kaila, my other sister, really wants the china cabinet; however since Kelly is the eldest she will get it. The china cabinet is originally from Ireland and is made from dark wood and curved glass, which is hard to come by nowadays. In fact, when my great great grandmother came here she had it shipped over along with a few other items. This cabinet is never really used for what it is for but as decoration but on Christmas we use it for what it’s meant for and some other family traditions. For example, on Christmas, my great aunt prays while kneeling next to the cabinet to try and connect with my grandmother. The younger people in the house, my cousins and I, do not do this; instead, we use the china from the cabinet for dessert. We does this because a few years ago my grandmother passed away a day after Christmas and this is a way of us remembering and honoring her. Undeniably the children of the family will continue these traditions as the years go on. This object connects me to my culture because it was handcrafted in Ireland, special for my great great grandmother. In brief, this object reminds me of my roots and how many generations of Irish people I have in my family.

Year: 1833

– Ryan Zogheb

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