Ink-Wash Painting Stamp


An object that represents my culture is a stamp engraved with my name. Using only a pocketknife, my grandfather delicately embossed my name in Chinese and he gave the stamp to me so that I can sign my traditional ink-wash paintings. My grandfather, who learned ink-wash painting when he was a child, passed on the tradition to me. Unlike many Western arts, Chinese ink-wash painting uses only black ink, but the ink can be mixed with water to create varying degrees of shade. I became fascinated with ink-wash paintings when I saw my grandfather working diligently in his room to translate imagination into image. His paintings evoked a sense of tranquility that one can only experience from nature. Using the techniques that my grandfather taught me, and some that I learned from experience, I began painting images that represent nature such as animals and mountains. In all of my paintings, the stamp shows that I created the painting. The stamp is priceless because it is something that my grandfather made and can’t be purchased with the same degree of sentimentality. It’s a piece of my history that won’t be forgotten.

Year: 2007

– Junjie Xu

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant