Incense sticks

The incense sticks are in the middle.
The incense sticks are in the middle.

The object I have chosen is incense sticks. This represents my family’s cultural identity by honoring our past loved ones and communicating with them. My father had migrated from Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge and my mother migrated from Thailand. My father landed in Boston, MA whereas my mother landed in Pennsylvania. I wouldn’t necessarily say my family’s story is unique but many Cambodians honor their past loved ones by lighting incense and giving food. Incense are just very important to me because though I do not know too much about Cambodian culture I try my best to learn. It means so much to me to honor my past loved ones. My grandma past the year I was born and while it upset me that I did not get to meet her, I make sure to sign for her on the holidays and anniversaries because I think it is the best way to honor her. Last year my grandfather past away, and his death hurt me even more because we had a very close bond. There was a language barrier but regardless I loved him more than ever. What made it harder for me was that he was murdered and it still runs through my mind every time the holidays come around because we would bring him food all the time and now he’s not here so its just been really hard. These incense bring me some sense of closure because I feel like I get to say bye to them and bring them meals and tell them how much I love them and miss them. Which could connect to others because everyone grieves differently and goes through death at some point in their life.

Place(s): Lowell, MA

– ES

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant