Grandfather's Diary

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My object is my grandfather’s diary. My mother brought it here when she emigrated from Pakistan in 2007. My grandfather used it to write phone numbers and addresses. This diary was the first thing my mother thought of putting in her suitcase when she packed her bags to come to America. This diary has a green, leather cover with rusty metal corners. Some of the pages are a bit torn because this diary is about 21 years old. It doesn’t matter how the diary looks right now, because my mother considers it as her most priceless possession. She really believes that her father’s diary continues to give her hope and determination in America. When she arrived here, she was very young and found everything different: the culture, the languages and the traditions that existed in America. She retained hope and determination by holding on to the diary. She thought back to her father and remembered his strength and determining. This gave her confidence. I chose this object because it represents the memories that my mother has of my grandfather. The book holds memories of the good life she had in Pakistan. I am proud to share this immigrant object with you and share my mother’s feelings about her father. I know my life here is different from the life my mother had in Pakistan but I am glad I have the opportunity to listen to the wonderful stories my mother tells me about my grandfather.

Year: 1995

– Imaan

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant