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During the ninth grade, I chose to come out to my mom I had been worried about telling her the whole month I stopped talking and basically stopped interacting with everyone in my household. I wasn’t leaving the house except to go to school, I was just at a very low point in my life. For me, that's very unusual because I'm usually happy and very talkative and open about everything.The thought of coming out to my mom just hurt my heart. I just didn't want to hurt her in any way. At this time I had this friend on social media and they would just respond to my stories and we began to build I guess you can say a friendship. We checked on each other talked and after a while exchanged numbers.It was easy to talk to them I think some people can relate by having social media you get to interact with many different people. I told them that I was planning on coming out and they gave me advice and even though they weren’t part of the LGBTQ+ community. They treated the situation as though it had already happened and I am very grateful I had a whole new outlook on the situation. The worst thing I can do is not give someone a chance to love me for me. The next day I sat my mom down and we talked, we laughed hugged and she didn’t judge me. I was worried about nothing but most people don't have that luxury. I’d probably still be unhappy with myself if I didn’t get those talks and that’s no way to live. Now I talk to my mother about everything. You have to give people a chance to accept you or you’ll never know what you could be missing out on.

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– Honesty Nelson

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