That are many objects in my house reminded me of my home country because my Mom loves traditional Chinese calligraphy and my Dad loves to collect Chinese style stamps. You can tell that we are Chinese by just the first glance,the wall is full of Chiese style decoration. As much as I like the decorations, those are still more like my parents' home item. The one thing that can really make me think back to the time in China is Hulusi, a Chinese music instrument that been with me for more than five years. I rarely play it now, but whenever I play it, it makes me think of home. At the first few months that I just arrived America, I really miss my home, everything here feels so different, and I had a hard time to adopt the new environment.  I play Hulusi and listen to music to calm myself, even just by looking at it makes me feel better. I like everything about it, the shape likes a gourd(in Chinese hulu mean gourd), the beautiful painting on it, and of course the wonderful music it can play. Music is the greatest medicine for me, it helps to boost my mood, calm myself and even cure my homesick.

– Lizhu Zhang

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