Homemade Italian

When I was just a baby, my family moved to Colorado to live with my mother’s Italian immigrant parents, and since then, Sundays in my family have become very special. Having kept their Italian culture strong, my grandparents would cook homemade Italian spaghetti, complete with homemade marinera, meat, and Alfredo sauce, or aglio e olio d’oliva. The recipe was simple, but one held near and dear to their hearts: one egg and one cup of flour. From this, a delicious meal was created that the family would feast on every week. During big occasions such as birthdays, weddings, Christmas or Easter even larger meals were made: spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli, tortellini, sometimes even pizza. It took hours in the kitchen, my mother and my older siblings would have all hands on deck. After my grandparents passed away when I was 7, my family moved back to New York and we kept this tradition alive. I myself learned how to make pasta, now being able to help my sisters and mother in the kitchen. To this day, Sunday is Italian family dinner in my house where we gather around the table and eat a delicious meal passed down to us from the motherland itself, Italy.

Year: 1952

– Grace Quispe

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