Holy Quran

Relationship: Im/migrant
Holy Quran
Holy Quran

My object is Quran or holy book to Islam. It is religion book my family teach me how to read. When I learn how to read my family buy for me. Every Muslim has a Quran, you can find it in a Mosque if you can not buy the Quran. My family give to me when I was child  I learn the Quran translation in the Oromo language. Quran is from one God the last prophet Muhammad or messenger of God like Isa or Jesus like Musa or Moses or others messenger they was sent with holy book and Muhammad was sent with holy Quran. It is important in my religion to know what the Quran mean. The color is gold with black letters.  If you do not read it carefully the meaning will change but you have to read carefully with smart volume when you reading with beautiful volume and you smell good the malaika is listening to you.  You have to listen to understand and know what it means. 

Year: 2018

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant