In Attire

“Hijab” is the Arabic word meaning “cover”. Hijab is worn by all Muslim girls of all age and has been worn for thousands of years. It is the symbolization of respect, purity, and strength. Many girls take off hijab after marriage, but it is supposed to be worn for your whole life. Hijab is a covering worn to show respect to our husband; meaning we cover ourselves because we are only for our husband. The above picture is my parents. They are in Saudi Arabia where they performed the Islamic Pilgrimage of Umrah in 2013. My mother wore hijab as did my Grandmothers and now I also wear Hijab. Through the years and my interest to the meaning has made me respect Hijab even more and I’m proud to wear Hijab. It is also beautiful because people will love your personality instead of your body. Hijab is also for the body; meaning no tight and revealing clothes. People feel that it’s overwhelming. But coming from someone who was born in New York and is also a Muslim, it’s absolutely amazing and surprisingly normal. And when it comes to fashion there are endless ways of fashion with Hijab. Growing up in New York has been a roller coaster ride for me because of my religion and Hijab. I came to realize that the Hijab is part of my identity and it makes me proud and strong. I carry on my past, legacy, and religion by wearing Hijab, and I wouldn’t change that. I am proud to be an American Muslim.

Year: 2015

– Maleeha

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