Her Rosary Beads

Grandmothers rosaries
Grandmothers rosaries

My grandmother had multiple different pairs or rosaris that she would use every morning. At 7am everyday she would turn on her morning prayers and it was just a routine she had. She was raised Catholic and grew up practicing her faith and beliefs. I wasn’t raised a Catholic but I always admired her way of keeping up with her prayers. This picture is one of her rosaris but not her favorite ones. The best ones she had were an all purple pair, she used them all the time and when she couldn’t find them my grandmother would rummage through her belongings until they were found. Before she passed, she made us promise that when we finally put her to rest that we would buried her favorite pair with her. Having a pair of her rosaris means alot to me because I know that they were something that made her happy and meant alot. 

– A.R

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