Heart Locket

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 When I turned fourteen, I received a gold heart locket necklace from my nana and poppy. This necklace is important to me because my nana brought it back with her from Italy, where she experienced many hardships before she was finally able to complete the grueling process of moving to America at the young age of sixteen in order to find better opportunities for herself. Through her inspirational stories, she has taught me life lessons.  I wear my necklace every day and keep a picture of my nana and poppy in it to keep them with me always. My nana, Maria, is probably my favorite person and being given this necklace was and remains very special to me. My nana and poppy have both been through so much and the way they have overcome their hardships inspires me to be more perseverant. This necklace connects me to my identity/culture because my grandparents have shaped me to be the strong, independent person I am today and this necklace is a reminder of that for me. It represents the love I have for them, and the love that is given back to me. 

Place(s): Italy

– Valerie M

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant