One thing that was important in my household was Sage. My mother use to and still does burn sage in our home. She use to tell us that Sage would burn all the negative and bad energy in the household and around us. She like to get all the negative vibes out of the house and bring in some positives ones. When we use to move into a new house my mother use to burn sage  to bless the household. She did not want any bad vibes in the house. My mother would get the sage from a variety of different places. My grandmother used to live in New Mexico and my mother would get some from her. We also have family in California that would sometimes have sage. My mother used to have special holders that she would put the sage in while it was it burning. As I got older, I enjoy the way sage has become relaxing and a peaceful way to help relieve stress and get rid of negative vibes. 

– Jasmine

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