harry potter frame

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                                                                              Harry potter frame 

My object is a harry potter frame, a frame that has the cover of the first movie on it. This frame actually has a history to it. In 2016 I joined the harry potter fandom by finishing the harry potter series for the first time I found the story really inspiring and I love that it talks about how harry never fit in at first and then his life takes a big turn and how special harry actually is and that even though lot his parents he never let it get to him and was always brave and the story showed me that its okay not to fit in and that we need to be ourselves no matter what and not to let the downs of life get the best of us also the frame reminds me of jk rowlings story which is quite a sad one and she basically lost everything in her life but didn’t let it get to her and she continued on writing and doing what she loves which is why I truly appreciate her she also wrote the series that I love most and that I will continue on re reading and hoping one day I will write my own. Jk rowling is a great inspirational author, the author that got me in to read at first and the one author that inspired me to keep going and to follow my dreams and to keep reading and writing to reach my goals. the frame reminds me everyday of her story and the harry potter story and for that I will always be a thankful potterhead. 

– tala

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