Happy Coqui

Sheets, towels, plates, cups, clothing, just name it and you'll see the colors of the Puerto Rican flag embellished all over it. In my household the Puerto Rican flag is a necessity. Nothing screams pride, love, unity and resilience like the flag of Puerto Rico. In the 1950s my grandparents migrated from Puerto Rico into New York. They lived and created a life in Brooklyn in a neighborhood called Bushwick. My aunts, uncles, and cousins all lived only steps away from us. Music shops, corner store bodegas, and restaurants in our neighborhood all shared a common characteristic, the flag of Puerto Rico dangling at the edge of their stoop. The object I chose is a statue of a Coqui, a frog native to the island of Puerto Rico, happily holding a guitar in his hand with the flag and the name of the island on it. I specifically chose this item because I believe it represents my grandparents undying enthusiastic celebration of their homeland wherever they go. The happy guitar holding Coqui is part of the collection that my grandparents brought with them when they first arrived to New York. Placed as a center piece in our dining room table, visitors never had to question where we came from. Through both this object and the spirit of my grandparents, pride and love for Puerto Rico will forever be instilled within me and future generations to come.

Year: 1955

– Kaylin

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