handmade shoes

In Attire

These are a pair of shoes that I made from combining the bags my parents used to travel to many different countries in the early seventies before I was born. I still remember when the bags were bigger than myself. I have carried these bags around with me where ever I have been: Japan, India, Ghana, Vietnam, Los Angeles, San Francisco and now Upstate New York (to name a few).  These bags, the old photos and the stories of my parents travels really shaped who I am. While I was traveling I taught English to get by and I met many interesting people from all backgrounds. In many instances, I relied on the kindness of strangers. It's truly heartening when I think back on all the people who invited me into their homes and lives who really didn't even know me at all.  What's my migration story? I know that my Father's Grandfather was born in Italy. I know that my Father makes wedding speeches sometimes in fake "Italian". That's all I know. The only story of where I come from that really resonates begins with my Mother and Father- and the main thing that they imparted on me is to trust instead of be afraid of people that are different from myself. 

– Tara Foley

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