Han Bok

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Me in Hanbok
Me in Hanbok
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I am Sienna and I live in the United States. My mom is Korean and one thing from her culture is a dress called a Han-Bok. The Han-Bok is a very colorful dress that you wear on Korean New Year. It is very long and has lots of designs on it. The dress has colors like red, pink, yellow, and green on the sweater with some buttons. The dress is normally red and there is a design near your feet. There is sometimes flowers near your waist. It comes with a pouch which is the same color as the dress.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

It is important to my culture because the dress is very precious, that is why we only wear it once a year. When I wear the dress and bow, it give you good luck for the year.                         

Place(s): New York, New York

– S.P.

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant