Haitian Globe

Relationship: Im/migrant

Haitian  Globe 
I asked my mom for an immigration object to bring to school and she gave me the Haitian Globe. When I saw what she gave me, I said to her in surprise, “This object looks really interesting.” I never knew she had any object from Haiti but this object looked really interesting to me. My mom smiled and replied, “This is the only item I have from Haiti with me.”
The Haitian Globe is a globe that helps people travel in Haiti.The Globe is made out of Acajou, a native tree of Haiti.  The tree is famous because the wood is strong.  Even if the globe falls it won’t break. The Haitian Globe helps people go sightseeing. The globe shows different places in Haiti.
This object has a handle, and a big round globe in the middle. The globe sits on a stand. The globe has the cities in Haiti written in Creole. This globe is important to the Haitian people. This object is a very useful to us when we travel around the country, or when we move from one city to another in Haiti.
This globe is found in all of the houses in Haiti. Also, my mom got this object 25 YEARS AGO!! That’s a long, long, time ago.The Haitian Globe shows Haiti, Port- au- Prince and other cities. There is a picture of an airplane flying over the country. The Haitian Globe is beautiful with pictures of cities in different colors on it. This is how our island looks if you are looking from top of the earth.  I love this object from Haiti.

Year: 1962

– Jamine

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant