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2 acoustic guitars and a bass
2 acoustic guitars and a bass
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The guitars me and my brother own have been with me the last two and a half years I want to say. This object/instrumenthas helped me bond with my brother more than ever before.My brother started playing way before I did; He started a year  before I did. When I started playing it was around late December of 2018. My brother helped me at first with little fun songs; then told me to practice chords and some more difficult songs. The reason I wanted to learn because I wanted to be closer to my brother and have a new skill I could use to make more friends. The way the guitar makes me feel is a kind of unique feeling it’s like a motivation but at the same time a satisfactory feeling. My parents also supported me a lot with me playing.They were sort of proud of me for getting a new hobby besides playing video games. We also got a new bass which surprisingly got my brother requesting me to learn new songs; it went from some easy songs but now were on a whole different level going to songs that take me days to learn.

Place(s): Minneapolis, Minnesota

– Bladimir Bonilla

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