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I chose the Güiro because it was the first instrument I began to like at the age of 7. I first saw it at a Puertorican celebration my parents had taken me. I saw a man playing with it and was fascinated by the unique noise and rhythm it made. The Güiro is an 18th century instrument that has been passed down through the Puertoricans. It was discovered from the African slaves and was then passed to the Puertorican culture. As my grandpa migrated to the United States, they brought this culture with them. The Güiro is a fun instrument you hold with your left hand and use a scraper and scrape it up and down to make the beautiful rhythm. This is part of my culture and I love it. The Güiro represents me and my culture and it shows my pride in being Puertorican.

Year: 1788

– Angelica Deleon

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