Grant-Grandfather's coin

Gold Coin
Gold Coin

This coin belonged to my great-grandfather, his name was Dead Coku. Some people pronounce it dead, but in Albania it's spelled the same, but said differently. The coin isn’t very old, but it's dated around the 1970s-1980s. My great-grandfather was the first mayor of the city my dad grew up in, he was very wealthy and had many things others did not. He used this coin to buy many things, such as cars, buildings, land, etc. He was liked by many people, but there were people who disliked him. Most of those people were the Albanian government. Soon enough he was assassinated by the Albanian government for political reasons and other reasons. They took all of his money, land, buildings, and made it almost like he never was the mayor. I didn’t know much of him or about him growing up, but this coin has been passed down to my grandfather and to my dad. This coin has a very important origin and is important to my family.

– SC

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