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Grandpa Doctor Doom
Grandpa Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is a comic from the 1990’s illustrated by my Grandpa Ernie Colon. It’s “Doom 2099”. It's from Marvel comics. At this point it's used as a collectible, it could break at any time. It’s made of paper, I don’t think there's a hardcover version of it. It was published in September 1993 and sold for $1.25.                                                                          
I chose this comic because it feels really special to me, I also feel proud to bring it. It shows that I have a lot of artistic culture, it also shows my family's connection to Marvel. My grandpa is connected to the comic because he made the art for it. He moved to America when he was ten years old. My grandpa moved to the U.S from Puerto Rico                                                                         Doom 2099 was made in 1993.This comic is very special to me, It is very cool and I'm glad I can share it.

Place(s): New York

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