Grandmother's Grave

Relationship: Im/migrant
This is a photo of her grave.
This is a photo of her grave.
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My grandmother’s grave is a special place for my whole family. When my grandmother passed away it was hard for all of my family to be like normal again. We all decided to make it a tradition to go to my grandmother’s grave every Saturday evening so we could all feel connected to each other. That is when one of the most important traditions happened in our family. Every day we go we all bring her new fresh colorful flowers, pray for her and clean all around her grave to make it look beautiful. We like to go to the cemetery because it all makes us happy to be there and be in a good mood. On Saturday mornings, my mom and my uncles all go to the farmers market to pick out flowers and buy a lot of different vegetables. My mom, me and my siblings all help make dinner for our whole family. Even though half of the time our mom gets mad at us for playing around we still have fun. After we eat we all play cards and it gets really competitive. My grandmother's grave is important to my family because we all helped bury her. 

Place(s): Saint Mary's Cementary

– Arely Gutierrez

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant