Grandmas gift

In Attire

My objects is a keychain that my aunt sent me from Mexico. My object is made out of rubber. There is not just one keychain but a couple. These keychains are important to  me my sisters and to my mom. First and foremost these keychains belonged to my grandma which is my mom's mom. My grandma lived in Mexico and that's where my mom is from too. These keychains mean something to us. My grandma would collect a lot of things and somethings were the keychains my aunt sent us. When I went to Mexico for the first time to go visit my grandma I saw all the things she would collect. When I came back to the U.S. a couple of months passed and we received some bad news from my aunts and uncles that live over there. The news was that my grandma has passed away. A couple weeks passed and my aunt that lives here in the U.S. with us went to visit one of my aunts that lives over there. My aunt that lives in Mexico give my aunt the keychains to give to us. Those keychains have a big meaning to us because it came from my grandma and she is now resting in peace. ♡

Place(s): Mexico

– Briza Amezola

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