Grandma's Vase

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
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Even though its origin is a mystery,  in my family the vase that my great grandma Anne bought approximately 125 years ago is cherished because it embodies our morals. This family heirloom is a porcelain vase that is used for a tree in my living room. Additionally, the fact that my grandma Diane received it from my great grandma Anne, who later passed it on to my mother; this heirloom is a symbol of remembrance. This vase connects to my identity/culture because it represents family and her Russian background.  The vase is a symbol of remembrance of my great grandma and her culture, which unites my mom, dad, and brother, as a family. The vase reminds us of Christmas time because I always have to move it to make room for our Christmas tree, so this results in the vase becoming more visible to everyone in the room and questions arise about it. Who gave you that vase? It’s so pretty, how much is it worth? Lastly, I will cherish this vase for many years to come and cherish the memories it holds. 

Place(s): Russia, America
Year: 1910

– Anthony S.

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant