Grandma's Necklace

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The diamond part
The diamond part
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A small diamond necklace inside a gold hole and a thin chain that is short in length. That’s my symbol for this writing. Back when my grandma was still alive she would sometimes wear this necklace and much other jewelry. But this necklace, in particular, is special. Nobody knows how long she has had this necklace, or where she got it from. But I know it’s one of the last objects that help me remember her. And that her soul is still living. When my grandma died the only memory that was left of her was a couple of photos, and the house she lived in. Which was my grandpa’s? We don’t often get to go there but when we do you can find my uncle who currently being the landlord. When my mom first gave me the necklace she gave me two choices. Either to keep it and make sure I don’t lose it, or give it to her and let her decide its fate. I really had to think long and hard about it because I really wanted it because it was pretty, but also I didn’t want to be responsible for the loss of it. In the end, I chose to take extra good care of it, and not to wear it often so I don’t lose it. I use this necklace as a memory of her, and that I know wherever I am she’ll always be with me. 

Place(s): grandma house

– Jada Wilson

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