Grandfathers' old pocketknife

Small JOHN DEERE, 2–4-inch pocketknife
Small JOHN DEERE, 2–4-inch pocketknife
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 I have only been handed down one thing so far and it took me a long time to find. When I was around 10 and started to go outside a lot more, my father started to get more overprotective because he was so scared of me getting kidnapped. The issue was that I was an exceedingly small, young, and clumsy child so he was nervous I would hurt myself if he gave me something in case I got “attacked”. He decided to give me this little knife that his grandfather gave to him as his first pocketknife, because it's small and not very sharp but could buy me a little time to run. He told me not to open it unless I really had to, and that he would get me a better and newer one when I was older. I don’t really think he ever wanted me to take it out of the house in fear of me losing it because after giving it to me he would constantly check to make sure it wasn’t lost. It has been almost a decade since I was given this knife and I never had the chance to use it. I don’t really talk to my father anymore, so maybe if I have kids one day and they want some connection to their grandfather and great grandfather, I can give it to them. 

Place(s): Virginia Beach

– SM

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant