grandfather's medals

They say a pictures worth a thousand words, however in this case it's a case full of medals hanging on a wall. This story starts a few months back when my father and I were looking through my late grandfather’s historical documents to trace his movements during world war 2. Up until this point all we knew was that my grandfather fought in the battle of the bulge for the 75th infantry division. After hours of research we found very little information about my grandfather, in spite of this my father and I continued on. At this point we decided to look at these medals to see their significance, and after a few hours of research a story was starting to come together. We uncovered some incredible things, for example my grandfather was originally in the air force but was later transferred to the army, and he was also a squad captain. After about a week of searching my father and I found a book that my grandfather had held onto, inside the book were the names of my grandfathers fallen comrades and where they died. With these dates we were able to trace my grandfather throughout germany during world war 2, and furthermore we were able to find the forgotten history of my grandfather during the war. These medals are incredibly important to me because they are the key to my grandfather’s past, without these medals we would never have found out about my grandfather’s actions that earned him these medals. These medals act as a reminder that you should always fight for what you believe in

Year: 1920

– Ben Sunkin

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