Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock
Grandfather Clock

This is my family grandfather clock.  It was made in Battambang Province, Cambodia by French during French-Cambodia colonization.  My grandfather bought this clock from a French person around 1920, and it was a nice looking clock, too.  This clock was made out of copper and it was covered around by some kind of wood.  My grandfather took care of this clock for a long time with my father in his house until now.  During 1975-1979 the baddest situation started to happen.  The bad leader named Pol Pot had led his armies and took over our country in that time we called Khmer Rouge or Pol Pot .  Pol Pot made everyone work with no pay less food and he killed everyone that didn’t work hard and stole their goods like foods and fruits.  During that time my father and grandfather hide the clock from them because they took good stuff from everyone and if someone don’t give it to them that family or person will suffer or die.  My father and grandfather hid it everyday when they went to work and they took it back when he got out from work.  This clock doesn’t mean much to me, my brothers or my mother but it’s something important to my father’s family because they put their life in danger to protect the clock.  Also it was a old clock that has been around 100 years or more.  Then it was in my grandparents' house and my father took care of it since my grandparents passed away until we came to America.  It is still in my grandparents' house and no one is taking care of it.  So I hope to visit Cambodia in the future with my father and we will bring it here and we can take care of it.  

Place(s): Cambodia, America
Year: 2018

– RY

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