Good Luck Pendant

When my grandma moved from China to the USA, she came with a gold pendant that brought good luck. The pendant was given to from my great grandma which was passed down from my grandma ,to my father,to me. The pendant was made by my great grandma who worked in a jewelry store in Beijing, China. There was always some misfortune in my family, so she decided to create the pendant to try to ward off bad spirits and after creating the pendant she went to a monk to cast good luck charms on to the pendant. Before her passing she gave the pendant to my grandmother for her family to have good luck. My family has used the pendant on small shrines that we had in our house to help pray and have good luck. When my grandma moved to china with her family she gave the pendant to my father to help bring my family good luck for this generation. With me and my brother being born we noticed that the pendant had a dragon and phoenix shaped into it. Surprisingly my brother was born on the year of the dragon and the phoenix meant the reincarnation. With that my father handed the pendant to both me and my brother to use for good luck to pray to the gods for good luck for us and the rest of the family. We usually use the pendant during the holidays for better good luck. The pendant is connected to my family’s identity and religion as good luck and it's been passed down to each generation and pray to the gods to bring us the luck and hope my family needs.

Place(s): China
Year: 1980

– Mandy Leu

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant