Gold necklace

In Attire
Gold Necklace on a Cross
Gold Necklace on a Cross

My object is a gold necklace.  When i was young my grandpa went to Mexico and when he came back he had bought a gold necklace with a cross.  He showed me the cross and said maybe one day i can have it.  Then a year later he went back to Mexico and bought another gold necklace with a cross and i thought it was another one for him but then he told me that he bought it for me.  It was kind of too big for me at the time so he had got me a Jesus statue i can hang on the wall also so i have the necklace hanging on the Jesus statue on my wall.  Now the necklace fits perfectly fine but I still choose to keep it hung on my wall to remember that how important it is so once in a while i wear it but whenever I’m not wearing it I keep it hung on my wall.

Place(s): Mexico

– Juan Miramontes

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant