Gold Cross

The Golden Cross Paragraph
The Golden Cross Paragraph
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When my mom was twelve years old, my grandparents wanted her to become a true Christian. So they made her go to a religious school to study. She did not like it very much, but when she graduated the faculty working there gave her a golden cross about an inch long, with a little chain attached to it. It was very shiny, and if you do not know what a cross looks like, it is kind of in the shape of a lowercase “t”. Well, she did not believe it was real gold, no matter how many people told her it was real. So she bit into it. She must have bitten it really hard because you can see little tooth marks on the lower left side. The cross is still in good shape, and my mom keeps it in her jewelry drawer. I hope that we can keep it forever, because it makes all of us laugh to picture my mom biting into a golden cross she thought was fake.

Place(s): New York

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