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Significance of Gold Jewelry
Significance of Gold Jewelry

Jewelry holds significant importance in Filipino culture, they hold a symbolic meaning that reflects our daily lives and traditions. My six year old self had always been irritated by the gold chain I was forced to wear and told not to lose it. It had been passed down from my grandmother granting myself on the right path to success. I was chosen to be the one to hold onto my family’s heirloom which I now could not live without.This treasure provides protection and unlimited ways to tie my family's background around my neck. This resonates with a wide audience, as family is considered a fundamental unit in Filipino culture. Filipino moving stories often incorporate traditions, festivals, and local customs, providing a sense of identity and pride for others. This made moving to the states much easier as they’re a wide percentage of pacific islanders in the valley as I get used to meeting new people. Jewelry in Filipino culture is far more than just an object; it is a reflection of religious beliefs, cultural identity, social standing, and family traditions. The rich symbolism and cultural significance embedded in Filipino culture make it an important part of my daily life and special occasions

Place(s): Hawaii
Year: 2012

– Riley Longboy

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