Gold Bracelet

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Despite the struggles my great-great-grandmother, Celia Katz had been through in her lifetime, she overcame them when she was able to purchase this gold bracelet. This bracelet holds a very special meaning to me, it was purchased by my great-great-grandmother, a terrific woman who was extremely devoted to her family. She had survived the Holocaust in the 1940s, where she was held in a labor camp for five years with her two daughters undergoing tremendous hardships. This bracelet for my great-great-grandmother was such an accomplishment. The fact that she could afford something so beautiful after what a horrible journey she had just gone through was remarkable. After she had escaped the labor camp she spent her time earning money working in a sweater factory while living with a friend. My great-great-grandmother wore this piece of jewelry with such pride, she truly had earned it. Eventually, her daughter, my great-grandmother on her 16th birthday was given this bracelet as a gift for it meant so much to her mother and so did she. From then on it has been passed down to my grandmother on her 16th birthday, to my mother, to finally me on my most recent 16th birthday and will continue to be passed on to further generations.

Place(s): Poland

– R G

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more