I believe that my parents item, mostly my dad, would be something that cant be seen which would be the trust in God or in better words the item is God in general. Both my parents came to this country, United States, knowing little to no English. They both came to seek a better life for themselves and a chance to raise a family with better opportunities. My parents started off working the minimum. My father worked at a factory somewhere in downtown and my mother was making dresses and fixing clothes. Both of my parents finished high school at Roosevelt High School. They continued to work doing what they were doing for a while until they knew they could’ve done more with their life. Even though my dad was working in a factory he never lost his trust in God and continued to believe that God will bless him. My mother was never religious until she met my father, she did was she knew what to do and stayed sewing. God has blessed them in many ways I would say; one big way my parents have been blessed is by going back to school to seek a better career. My mother went to school for medicine and currently works at Kaiser and my dad took classes on computer usage. He currently works for LAUSD and a real estate agent for Berkshire Hathaway. God has given my family so many blessing. My parents hard work through the first few years of coming to this country has give my three other siblings and I a better chance at life and big chances of being successful. My parents continue being blessed

Year: 1965

– johnathan magana

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