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Relationship: Im/migrant
Times Square
Times Square

I came to America in February of the year 2022. I landed in New York (Airport John Kennedy) on February 11th. I felt fantastic because I always wanted to come to New York. I was very happy because I would see my friends again after so long, but I was also a little sad because I distanced myself more from my family. This is the second country that I have emigrated to. I have been in the United States for a year and I feel good. Everything is different, but the things I like the most are the economy and some culture. Long Island’s streets are very clean. There isn't any garbage lying around. One of the things I left behind is my family and some friends. I like being here and the place. I always miss my country. I think that this is the best place in the world for me to have emigrated and I feel happy and grateful to this country for having accepted me.

Place(s): New York, Long Island
Year: 2022

– F

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant