Football Story


Football has changed my life. When I was young, I didn't know anything about sports. I was one of those kids who would just played with Pokemon cards and I had no friends to hang out with. But in 6th grade, I've decided to try and play sports so I tried out for baseball and flag football. I did good for a kid who doesn't know how to play. So then I decided to sign up for football. I was so scared to be hit and to hit. In the first 2 weeks of football I was starting to be friends with my teammates. My parents came to all of my games to support me even if the games were really far and we sometimes watch football on Sundays together with the 49ers play. They've helped me so much through school and all the way to my junior year. And they taught me how to play football and I got really good at it and kept playing because I fell in love with this sport and it's all about power and speed and how much heart you have inside if you get “trucked” hard and get up.

Place(s): Riverdale

– Juan Morales

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