Football equipment

Me when I was 9 in my equipment
Me when I was 9 in my equipment

This is the football equipment I used and it was pretty nice. It means alot  to me because my dad payed a good amount of money for it. The name of the team is called the Bronx Knights and I had alot  of memories with that team. Some good and some bad. I remember on my first day I cried because they had me run too much. And another time it was freezing cold less than 0 degrees and all i wanted to do was go home. I don’t remember if I won that game or not but they handed out everyone’s participation trophies. The rest would be given out in a banquet. On my last year I got an all-star trophy. I am proud of it because it makes me remember all the memories I had with that team. I had to stop playing because my dad couldn’t take me because of work. Previously my friends dad go was also on the team would take me but then he couldn’t take me anymore but then my dad could take me again to practice but then he couldn’t, and then I got Scarlet Fever, and then I couldn’t go, AND THEN Covid-19 happend.

Place(s): New York

– D’AV

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