Flamengo Jersey

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Relationship: Im/migrant
The Flamengo Jersey
The Flamengo Jersey
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 My object represents my family's cultural identity because one of my parents is from Brazil, where I spent the first 9 years of my life. The Flamengo jersey was given to me by my grandma who was a Flamengo fan, and it is a cherished memory of her and also living in Brazil. The jersey is from a soccer club in Rio de Janeiro, the city where I was born. Flamengo is the most popular club in Brazil. They have won many tournaments and they are currently considered the 13th-best club in the world. On my father’s side, my ancestors came from Ireland, England, and Holland and mostly arrived in New York City, while my mother’s side migrated from Portugal to Brazil and also had Native American and African ancestors. I was born in Brazil and when I was 9 my father brought me and my brother to live in the United States of America. My family story is unique because my ancestors came from many different places around the world including at least 4 continents if you count North America, where some of my ancestors settled more than 120 years ago. My story connects to my cousin's story; Lizzie is 12 years old and she is the daughter of my mother’s brother who is a fanatical fan of Flamengo. Both of her parents are Brazilian. Being a Flamengo fan adds to our family ties and keeps me connected to Brazil. The jersey is a symbol of this.

Place(s): Rio de Janeiro
Year: 2017


Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant